1. Download the iMpulse Firmware: v 1.2 and BlueSuite    
  Get them HERE    
2. Install BlueSuite on a MS Windows system (the USB drivers and the DFU utility are the required components)    


Attach the iMpulse via USB cable.








Put the iMpulse in DFU mode as follows:








IMPORTANT: The following indicators are the SURE way to know that your iMpulse has successfully entered DFU mode:




- After you release the reset-press and the User button, the iMpulse DOES NOT beep. Subsequently, pressing down again on the USER button for 2 seconds DOES NOT cause the iMpulse to beep/flash. In effect, the iMpulse appears to be completely unresponsive to any button-presses.

- Performing the DFU reset while connected via USB to your Windows computer will cause the computer to beep/recognize that a new USB device has been connected.







5. Launch the DFU tool    

6. Click 'Next'    
7. Select 'Universal Serial Bus (USB), and then 'Next'.    

8. Chose the first option, click [Change] and select a place to backup your current firmware. Then click 'Next'.    
9. Click 'Browse' and pick the location you saved the new firmware. Click 'next'.    
10. Click 'Next'.    
11. Wait while the iMpulse receives the firmware...    
12. Unplug the iMpulse and then press and release reset as shown...    
  IMPORTANT: You must delete the existing pairing between your iMpulse and smartphone.    
  iOS: in BT settings click the button and then [ FORGET THIS DEVICE ]    
  Android: in BT settings click "UNPAIR"    

Note for Android Users: there is a situation with some devices (especially Samsung Galaxy and Android Nexus7) where the old device pairing information is not truly deleted. In these cases, the user has to either perform a hard reset, or go into the bt_config.xml and delete the iMpulse-specific entry, THEN reboot, and then re-pair/connect.

For more information, please go here and here:


Re-pair and re-connect the iMpulse to your mobile device.

Android: The new gamepad mode can be accessed by holding the user button for 2 sec. and then press 'u'. (right shoulder)

  iOS: In media mode, the 'mute' button has been replaced with 'home' key. It operates just as on your iPhone. Including holding for 2 seconds to activate Siri.    
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